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2 Things Wealth Management Firms Can Do to Enhance Communication

Matt Reiner


As busy as firms and individual advisors may be, communication should never take the backburner. During a time in which clients are expecting transparency, value, and quick communication more than ever, it’s imperative that wealth management firms review their current processes and operations to ensure there are no blind spots or gaps in the way they communicate with clients. 

2 things you can do to enhance communication with clients:

1. Review your timelines.

It’s easy to get stuck in our old ways and habits, but too often we’re seeing that advisors aren’t prioritizing communication throughout the whole client journey. Many times, communication begins to fall after onboarding and initial goal meetings are completed. To ensure this isn’t the case in your firm, do a simple review of your timelines and ask yourself the following questions:

2. Utilize technology to fill in gaps.

As advisors, we’re only human. We may have a deep understanding of finances, stocks, and investment, but we can only handle a set number of tasks, clients, and calls every day. Because of this, it’s easy to push communication to the wayside and choose to only communicate should a big portfolio dip or rise occur. But keeping your clients in the dark is not an effective strategy or good for business. Instead, utilize technologies that will help take the pressure off of your shoulders and ensure frequent communication is built into automations.

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The bottom line for wealth management firms is that your clients should be your number one priority. At the end of the day, they make the call as to whether or not they want to renew their business with you, and your communication methods play a big part in that decision.



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