benjamin Receives Multiple 2021 Industry Recognition, Awards and Accolades

~ AI-driven Business Support System recognized as a Finalist in the Artificial Intelligence and Workflow Automation categories in the 2021 Wealthies Industry Awards Program; CEO Matt Reiner named to the prestigious 2021 Investment News “40 Under 40” List Atlanta, GA. June 9, 2021. benjamin, the only business support system driven by AI and specifically designed […]

Highlighted Feature: Helpful Integrations for Advisors

integrations for advisors

What is currently in your technology tool belt? For many advisors, utilizing multiple technologies is as ingrained in their brains and knowing how to walk. However, what many advisors are failing to recognize, is that utilizing multiple technologies without centralizing them into one main hub is inefficient and time-consuming. And if there’s one thing all […]

How benjamin Software Nurtures Relationships Through Tech & Innovation

benjamin software

A healthy relationship is mutually beneficial for clients and advisors. However, these connections don’t develop overnight. It takes time, resources, and frequent interaction for client-advisor relationships to thrive.  Because advisors typically already have a very demanding schedule, putting in the work to nurture these relationships can easily fall to the wayside. The best thing you […]

What Does the Future Advisor Look Like?

future advisor

Advisors, just like anything else in life, go through evolutions to meet the ever-changing demand of consumers. Just ten years ago, the industry looked a lot different than what it does today. But what about ten years from now? We know that the future advisor will be some adaptation of tech, emotion, and knowledge – […]

How Your Financial Planning Firm can Reduce Its Workload

couple working with financial planning firm

Any advisor can attest to the fact that more often than not, it feels like 24 hours is just not enough time in the day to get through everything on our to-do lists. With all of the planning, administrative tasks, upkeep, and prospecting to do, it makes sense. However, through the use of our AI […]

Using Fintech Solutions to Better Serve Clients Holistically

woman using fintech solutions

Over the last few years, we’ve seen new technologies emerge in the wealth management industry that have begun altering the way we operate for the better. Fintech solutions such as Benjamin, Redtail, and Salesforce are just a few that have helped to alleviate what we deem as the more menial and mundane aspects of our […]

Takeaways from Kiplinger: Exceeding Client Expectations with AI

client expectations online survey over phone

Not so long ago, fintech was considered cutting edge. Financial advisory firms that deployed technology to boost their operational efficiency were considered innovators and trailblazers. No more. Today, clients expect their advisor to be teched-up – wired with the latest digital tools to provide a more profound personal experience. Need proof?  Check out this headline […]

How benjamin is Making a Difference

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The financial advisory profession is all about relationships, connections and trust. In challenging times like these, advisors must prioritize regular personal contact with their clients, many of whom are understandably concerned about their financial futures. Too often, these vital contacts are the result of inbound client calls and emails. It’s better to be more proactive […]

Highlighted Feature: Portfolio Management Alerts

portfolio management

Technology is changing the way we serve and provide value to our clients. This isn’t to say that technology is here to replace the human component, but rather complement and enhance it. Besides the human touch, one of the main reasons our clients choose to work with us is because of our investing and financial […]

Leveraging Technology for Proactivity in Investment Advisory

investment advisory

In the financial and wealth management spaces, a proactive over reactive mentality is vital to maintaining healthy portfolios. With the market being predictable yet unpredictable at the same time, remaining proactive in investment advisory oftens means utilizing technologies that can give you insights and capabilities in a matter of seconds that would otherwise take you […]

One Simple Tip for Building Client Relationships During Uncertainty

building client relationships

During times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to put an emphasis on building client relationships. However, with a hefty influx of emails, phone calls, and texts from worried clients, on top of your running list of daily to-dos, it can feel almost impossible to be able to delegate proper time towards enhancing those […]

Breaking Through Uncertainty: The Benjamin Edge

Benjamin Logo

The current COVID-19 pandemic is a multi-layered crisis. First and foremost, it poses a potential devasting health risk to our nation. But the social and economic toll caused by our necessary response to the threat has taken a terrible toll on every aspect of our economy from instability on Wall Street to business closures and […]

The True ROI of Using a Financial Advisor AI assistant

phone being an AI assistant

When we talk about return on investment (ROI), we think about dollar signs. But as advisors, we need to keep in mind that our dollar signs come from one particular driving factor: time. In the financial planning industry, time is money. And an increase in money almost always stems from time, which also happens to […]

Leaping into the Future of Finance with Automation

future of finance

When we talk about the future of finance, the advisory sphere, and everything wealth management, one word, in particular, has taken the limelight over the last ~5 years: technology.  Technology is a big word with broad meaning. Too often, we see advisors leaning away from technology because of its breadth instead of leaning into it […]

Financial Advisor Marketing: How To Get More Client Referrals

financial advisor marketing

It’s safe to say that financial advisor marketing efforts are one of the most important tasks to scaling our businesses and growing our income, but also the least prioritized. With so many things to do in a day and such little time, tasks that can be pushed, will.  According to Michael Kitces, one of the […]

Benjamin™ Announces New Relationship With Shareholders Service Group

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ATLANTA, GA (March 6, 2020) Today Benjamin™ announced a new relationship with Shareholders Service Group (SSG). Benjamin, the financial advisor industry’s first AI assistant that eliminates mundane and menial tasks, is excited that via this new relationship with SSG, independent RIAs of all sizes will have access to the technology necessary to better serve their […]

6 Wealth Management Software Tools for Scaling Your Business

wealth management software

Looking to dip your toes in the wide world of FinTech, but aren’t sure exactly where to begin, or which software you should be utilizing? We’ve put together a list of the top, most-used wealth management software tools for advisors, and what they do to start you off on the right foot.  Wealthbox: A web-and-mobile […]

How Personal Financial Advisors can Eliminate Consumer Pain Points

person talking to coupe about personal financial advisors

With 2020 now in full swing, it’s safe to say that we’re starting to feel the beginning of what may be a new era in the wealth management world. With the recent Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade merger, in addition to the industry-wide decrease in margins and increase in fee compressions, personal financial advisors should […]

How to Use CRM for Financial Advisors the Right Way

person clicking on crm for financial advisors

As advisors, establishing and maintaining strong client relationships is vital to the financial health and longevity of our businesses. For many of us who own our own businesses or work at bigger firms, managing each of these relationships day in and day out would be nearly impossible without the support from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) […]

Benjamin™ Announces the Hiring Of Two Key Executives

Benjamin Logo

BENJAMIN™ ANNOUNCES THE HIRING OF TWO KEY EXECUTIVES ATLANTA, GA (January 30, 2020) Today, Matt Reiner, CEO of Benjamin™ announced the hiring of two employees into key leadership positions with the company – Frank Gine as Chief Operating Officer and Carrie Frye as Director of Operations. A 30+ year veteran of the telecommunications sector, Gine […]

Tips on Better Asset Allocation Management for Advisors

men talking about asset allocation

Asset allocation is one of the most important parts of being an advisor not only because big portfolio returns equal big revenue, but because it determines whether or not your clients will continue using your services or find someone else to handle their finances. In order to ensure you’re giving your clients the strongest portfolio […]

One Simple Way that Advisors Can Beat Fee Compression

couple talking to man about fee compression

Fee compression has become a hot topic in the advisory world over the last few years. With clients pushing for added value, and advisors pushing back on compressed fees, it feels as though the monetary gain for advisors has come to a standstill. The reality, though, is that fee compression truly shouldn’t be at the […]

3 Must-Know Business Growth Strategies for Advisors

people talking about business growth strategies

While we focus so heavily on helping our clients achieve their long-term financial goals every day, we tend to put our own business goals on the backburner. This isn’t necessarily due to poor planning or lack of interest in growth, but rather a shortage of time to focus on our own business interests. Without proper […]

6 Wealth Management Trends for 2020

person working on wealth management trends

Coming off of our time at the Schwab IMPACT 2019 Conference and reflecting on the insights and advancement of the industry that we’ve seen over the last year, we’re expecting 2020 to be the year of the consumer. With this industry shift in consumer over business, each of our predicted wealth management trends shed light […]

The Financial Advisor Prospecting Process For Different Generations

financial advisor prospecting talking to couple

We know that strong client relationships are the backbone of our business. But what many of us don’t realize, is that fostering a positive relationship with your clients entails more than just showing a few smiles during meetings and a “Happy Holidays” email around Christmas time. It means personalizing every facet of their experience, beginning […]

How Artificial Intelligence in Finance is Changing the Way Advisors Work

people looking at artificial intelligence in finance

The idea of adopting artificial intelligence (AI) in finance, specifically in the wealth management industry, has been overshadowed with this unsupported notion that AI will ultimately replace advisors entirely. This, however, isn’t true, and those who adopt this fear are the ones who’s businesses will suffer from lack of innovation and growth in the long […]

How AI Assistants for Advisors are Transforming the Client-Advisor Relationship

clients working with AI assistants for advisors

Establishing and maintaining a strong client-advisor relationship is vital to the longevity of your business. However, with clients becoming accustomed to highly individualized and tech-oriented experiences across every facet of their lives, the way in which we craft our relationships are evolving. In order to adapt and continuously strengthen our relationships, it’s necessary that we […]

Overcoming the 2 Biggest Challenges For Financial Advisors

man facing biggest challenges for financial advisors

With the rise of the digital age, changing consumer preferences, and the overall growth of the industry, we’re beginning to feel the pressures that come with an evolving market. In order to stay prevalent in the industry, it’s important to acknowledge our challenges and then navigate those roadblocks to work toward acquiring a better business, […]

Effectively Delivering Your Value Proposition as a Financial Advisor

couple happy knowing value proposition as a financial advisor

From renting cars to getting groceries, almost every component of our client’s lives can be classified as a “subscription service”. If the consumer paying the monthly fee for a service doesn’t have something tangible to tie that fee to, they begin to lose the value proposition of the service they’re receiving. For those of us […]