New Look, Same Benjamin: The Financial Industry’s First AI Assistant

Goodbye, Wela. Hello Benjamin. We’re saying a bittersweet goodbye to Wela, and bringing Benjamin to the forefront of our brand.  While parting ways with that familiar face and bowtie was tough, we knew that Benjamin needed a new look that better reflects his presence as the financial industry’s first AI assistant.  The Logo: The soundwave […]

Wela Announces Name And Logo Change As Part Of Larger Rebranding Effort

Benjamin Logo

ATLANTA, GA (October 28, 2019) Today, Wela announced a name and logo change as part of a larger rebranding effort. The company has officially changed its name from Wela to Benjamin™, emphasizing the company’s creation of an entirely new category of AI financial technology built for financial advisors by financial advisors. The new Benjamin logo […]

Effective Communication Strategies for Financial Advisors

communication strategies for financial advisors

Every financial advisor knows how important it is to establish meaningful relationships with their clients. Happy clients mean well-established, long-term revenue and an overall healthy business. Crafting these strong client-advisor relationships requires trust, transparency, and above all, effective communication. To get your relationship off on the right foot, consider these communication strategies for financial advisors. […]

4 Tasks Financial Advisors Can Give to a Digital Assistant

digital assistant

As a financial advisor, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Taking into account your never-ending to-do list, it’s safe to say that it wouldn’t hurt to have an extra set of hands to help out. The good news is that, thanks to the digital revolution, now there is. With Benjamin, the financial […]

How Advisors Can Increase Client Capacity with Technology

increase client capacity

Technology tends to be a big, frightening word in the world of wealth management. For a long time, we’ve seen technology solely as an overhead cost rather than a long-term operational investment. At the end of the day, we want our businesses to grow. But with so many responsibilities and not enough hours in the […]

Is Automation the Future of Wealth Management?

man talking to woman on future of wealth management

From the way we shop for groceries to how we get from point A to point B, almost everything we do is connected to some form of digital technology. While many advisors are hesitant to grab the technology bull by the horns, the future of wealth management is storming full speed ahead with one revolutionary […]

PRESS RELEASE: Benjamin® Now Offers Regulatory Compliance Integration For Financial Advisors


ATLANTA, GA (September 20, 2019) Today, financial technology company Wela announced the addition of a game-changing new feature of Benjamin®, the artificial intelligence designed for financial advisors by financial advisors. Benjamin’s new feature liberates the advisor to use text messaging to communicate with the client because Benjamin automatically pushes both email and text correspondence into the CRM […]

Effectively Using Financial Technology in Process Management

man working on computer

As an advisor, your productivity relies heavily on your process management abilities. With only 24 hours in a day, having efficient processes put into play is vital to ensuring that a) you leave the office with a shorter ‘to-do’ list than when you came in, and b) you’re not working at all hours of the […]

Why Innovation is Important for Financial Advisors

financial technology in process management with couple signing paper

It’s no secret that the world of financial planning is changing. With the rise of AI and new technologies, almost every industry you can think of is going through some sort of digital change. For those of us in the financial planning space, there’s a divide between those who are adopting new technologies and processes […]

Disrupting the Wealth Management Industry

disrupting the wealth management industry

If you were to sit in a senior leadership meeting in any given industry, it’s likely that you’d hear them speak about needing to “think outside the box.” But what sets the leaders apart from the disruptors is the desire to live outside of the box. When it comes to financial services, technology and AI […]

Takeaways From EY: How Fintech Adoption is Changing the Game

man using cell phone showing texts with fintech adoption

It’s no secret that financial technology (fintech) has become increasingly popular within the past few years. Ernst & Young (EY) recently published an article titled, “Eight Ways Fintech Adoption Remains on the Rise” discussing just how big of an impact fintech is having across different ecosystems. Here are our biggest takeaways: Fintech is becoming mainstream […]

What is a Digital Assistant and How Can it Help Advisors

digital assistant

Whether you work in a large firm or have your own business, one thing is the same: you wouldn’t mind having an extra set of metaphorical hands on deck to help you with some of the more administrative duties that being an advisor entails. Luckily, with the rise of the digital age, advisors now have […]

How to Get Started with AI Technology

advisor working on laptop learning how to get started with AI

You’ve likely already decided that adding artificial intelligence (AI) to your business is necessary to stay ahead. You know it’s worth it and important for your business, but deciding how to get started with AI can seem impossible.  Here are a few ways to get started without overwhelming yourself or your firm: Get familiar with […]

It’s Not Just Business… It’s Personal

men shaking hands for a good client-advisor relationship

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s just business, it’s nothing personal.” But a good financial advisor knows it’s always personal. Financial advising is all about providing security and helping people achieve their goals and dreams. So how do you provide a successful client-advisor relationship?  Benjamin is our solution. He works as your digital assistant to […]

What Atlanta Advisors Predict for the Future of the Financial Industry

Atlanta advisors roundtables graphic

What does the future of the financial industry look like? Some Atlanta advisors join together to give their thoughts in Matt Reiner’s latest Roundtables video: “The way we talk about it now is going to be laughable in five years.” Some argue that the focus on robo-advisors came at the wrong time. Because of this, […]

Takeaways from Deloitte: Challenges of the New Clientele

challenges of the new clientele - people meeting

With millennials quickly becoming the largest client group in the market, many advisors are beginning to assess their business models and how they interact with clients in order to appease the new demands and expectations that come with working with Gen Y. Deloitte, one of reigning ‘Big 4,’ recently wrote an article, “Millennials and Wealth […]

Defining your Value Proposition with Financial Planning Software

woman working with financial planning software

As advisors, one of our biggest pain points is defining our value proposition. With the market being as competitive as it is, we’re fretting about fee compressions and performances and how we’re going to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. The fact of the matter is that clients will pay for your service if you bring […]

3 Big Wealth Management Trends to Watch Out For

wealth management trends - woman on computer and phone

It’s no secret to wealth managers that the marketplace has been undergoing some serious shifts over the past couple of years. With millennials becoming a large part of the market, demands and expectations are starting to turn toward an increasingly digital future. Moving forward means rethinking operating models, redefining the client-advisor relationship, and providing more […]

3 Steps in Adopting Financial Technology

man using tablet to show how adopting financial technology can help

For advisors, the two greatest challenges in adopting financial technology are getting your clients onboarded and facing your own fears associated with technology. The fear of the unknown and comfort with the status quo can cause anyone to be a little hesitant when it comes to new technology, but getting ahead of the technology curve […]

The 2 Most Important Business Growth Metrics for Advisors

man pointing to paper on desk showing business growth metrics

Regardless of whether you work independently or are a part of a large firm, every advisor has the same goal: to substantially grow their business. In order to monitor how your business is doing, there are two main business growth metrics for advisors to be wary of: growth rate and retention rate. “For a firm […]

3 Time Management Tips for Advisors

man looking at watch figuring out time management tips for advisors

The world of financial planning has evolved into a highly complex, competitive market. With many advisors already stretching their work hours thin in order to manage their current client base, any activities pertaining to business growth seem to take a back seat. To take back control of your time (and finally take that much-needed vacation), […]

5 Productivity Tools for Advisors

woman showing man tools for advisors on laptop

Productivity in the financial planning world plays a huge role in our day-to-day successes. With only so many hours in the day to handle what seems to be a never-ending to-do list, days ending with a sense of productiveness are few and far between. Luckily, there are some user-friendly productivity tools available to advisors that […]

3 Reasons Your Advisory Firm Needs a Long-Term Mentality

advisory firm employees

It’s easy for those of us working in an advisory firm to get stuck in a rut of short-term goal setting, hasty decision making, and poor future planning – especially when so much of our work relates to the market and what it’s currently doing, versus what it could be doing in the next five […]

How Technology can Help Advisors Earn More Money

how technology can help advisors on a tablet

We use technology in almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. Whether it’s asking Siri for directions to the closest bank or streaming our favorite shows on Netflix, we’ve come to expect a certain degree of technological convenience to be at our disposal. With the newfound popularity of artificial intelligence (AI), it’s astonishing that there […]

Building a competitive advantage with technology

man playing chess thinking of bot technology

This post originally appears at One of the most valuable practices that you can undertake within any aspect of life is to look both backward at history and across at adjacent events to recognize patterns at play. With that in mind as I was reading an article the other day about some of the […]

4 Reasons to Adopt Digital Change

Software Engineering to adopt digital change

The financial services industry is getting hit hard by digital disruption. As is with any industry, there is always a bit of push-back from skeptics who are nervous that the shift will hurt their businesses. Your experiences (or lack thereof) that you have with technology shouldn’t keep you from finding the technology that fits your firm’s needs. Overcoming the challenge of adopting digital change in your firm is a must for future growth, especially with these shifts in mind.