Benjamin™ Provides Overview of Growth, New Customer Acquisitions, and Product Advancements in 2019

ATLANTA, GA (January 15, 2020)

Today, Benjamin™ offered an overview of their company’s 2019 milestones, including information about growth, customer acquisitions, and advancements in their AI technology. Here are some key takeaways from Benjamin’s year-end summary.

  • Benjamin’s client roster grew 1150%, increasing from 5 clients in January to 50 clients by the year’s end.
  • Through a key advancement in the product, Benjamin integrated regulatory compliance for financial advisors. Through this feature, all communications – including texts and emails exchanged by an advisor and his/her clients – are now automatically archived in the advisor’s CRM system.
  • Benjamin integrated with Wealthbox, a leader in CRM services for financial advisors. The Wealthbox integration makes necessary tasks like scheduling client meetings, note taking, and on-boarding streamlined and simple for advisors and their teams.
  • Benjamin developed a key integration with leading fintech company Orion. The integration created a more efficient workflow, saving advisors an estimated 30 minutes of prep time per client meeting and allowing advisors more time to use Orion’s data and resources in order to make the best possible recommendations for clients.
  • Benjamin was selected as a finalist in The UBS Future of Finance Challenge, chosen out of 400 entrants as one of the 10 finalists in the Deepening Client Relationships category.
  • By the end of 2019, Benjamin’s technology offered seamless integration with Google, Charles Schwab, SalesForce, Office365, eMoney, BNY Mellon’s Pershing, Redtail, TD Ameritrade, and Tamarac.

Benjamin’s customers are enjoying the benefits of the new integrations and advancements to the AI product in 2019. According to Keith Kohout, principal at Vaultis Private Wealth in Cincinnati, Ohio, “Benjamin, through a fusion of technology, delivers seamless integration improving internal work flows, uniformed scalability, and resource efficiency. But most importantly, Benjamin helps deliver our promise to client service.”

Lenox Wealth Advisors’ Senior Vice President Michael Barnes said, “At Lenox Wealth Advisors, we pride ourselves on delivering a superior client experience – we strive for proactive, frequent, and transparent communication. Utilizing Benjamin’s AI functionality has allowed us to automate administrative and operational functionalities, providing our staff with more time to focus on our client’s financial needs. We have only started to unlock the potential of Benjamin and are excited to implement additional features in the upcoming year. Our partnership with Benjamin will allow us to continue to build and strengthen our client-advisor relationships.”

Benjamin’s leadership is grateful for the strides the company made last year. “2019 was an incredible year for Benjamin thanks, in large part, to our clients,” said Matt Reiner, CEO of Benjamin. “We created a new category of software to bring value to financial advisors and their clients; we started working with the most forward-thinking financial firms in the country; we made advancements in our technology allowing for the integration of regulatory compliance processes; and, we cemented relationships with key financial technology partners like Wealthbox and Orion to help advisors and their teams automate necessary and time-consuming tasks. 2020 promises to be a thrilling year, and Benjamin is poised to continue growing in both size and scope.”

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About Benjamin™: Benjamin is the financial industry’s premier cloud A.I. Assistant which seamlessly integrates the software tools and data used by advisors and their teams to better service their clients. Benjamin elegantly automates a myriad of time-consuming and menial yet imperative tasks, providing the advisor more time to foster value-added customer relationships. The productivity gained by Benjamin’s presence empowers firms to quickly scale their business and profitability. Originally created by a multi-billion dollar investment advisory firm, Benjamin is now independent, and used by financial advisors nationwide to better serve both current and future families. For more information, visit

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