Software Engineer

What we are looking for…

Experienced Full stack/Front-end GUI developer (local to Atlanta)
6+ years minimum experience required:

  • Candidate must be comfortable working in small company/high demand environment
  • Candidate will partner with Senior Development team for back-end work and lead front-end work (estimated 60% frontend/40% backend split)
  • LAMP tech stack running on AWS
  • JS Libraries: Experienced in ReactJS, Redux, Node.js
  • Web Tech: SASS, LESS, JSON
  • Version Control: Github
  • Database: MySQL / MariaDB
  • Experience in building reusable React components and managing application state
  • Experience in building AJAX calls and requesting JSON information through REST APIs to fetch data.
  • Experience in using React as a view engine to build component-based application.
  • EC2 & RDS – is a requirement
  • SQS, SNS, Codedeploy – we use on a daily basis, and would be a really nice to have.