Effectively Delivering Your Value Proposition as a Financial Advisor

From renting cars to getting groceries, almost every component of our client’s lives can be classified as a “subscription service”. If the consumer paying the monthly fee for a service doesn’t have something tangible to tie that fee to, they begin to lose the value proposition of the service they’re receiving. For those of us charging monthly AUM fees, the same concept applies. Hence, the importance of continuously driving home our value proposition as a financial advisor to our clients in order to instill trust and confidence in the service we’re providing.

Define what your value proposition is and bring it to the table.

Think of it this way: When your clients look at their budget and see that fee coming out of their bank accounts or credit cards every month, their initial, gut reaction when seeing that fee is going to be, “Am I using this?” If you haven’t communicated with that client in a few months, their answer is likely going to be no, followed by them ending their service with you. So how can we deliver that tangible result of our services? The answer is simple…

  1. Enhancing communication 
  2. Utilizing an AI Assistant to drive home our value proposition


Enhancing communication

Communication is the biggest “make or break” factor of a client-advisor relationship. In order to give your clients a tangible result of your services, it’s important that you clearly communicate to them what you’re seeing on your end. The fact of the matter is unless your client has experience in our industry, they won’t know what’s going on unless you spell it out for them. Be proactive, and understand what it is your client expects and wants from you from the get-go. This will allow you to deliver that value to the client every time you communicate.

Utilizing an AI Assistant

With time being both our biggest asset and value detractor, it can be hard to ensure you’re prioritizing things such as effective communication, weekly portfolio management, and nurturing current client relationships. Unfortunately, if these things aren’t at the forefront of your mind (and actions) your clients may lose the value of your service. However, by utilizing Benjamin, the financial industry’s first AI assistant, you can automate these time-consuming yet imperative tasks without losing the personal touch that is needed. 

Not only does Benjamin, your AI assistant help automate these menial tasks, but it integrates with a myriad of your current custodians, furthering your capabilities as an advisor, and driving home the unique value that you can bring to your clients over a competitor.

Interested in seeing how Benjamin can help you drive home your value prop? Let’s get you started with a free demo.


couple happy knowing value proposition as a financial advisor