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Financial Advisor Marketing: How To Get More Client Referrals



It’s safe to say that financial advisor marketing efforts are one of the most important tasks to scaling our businesses and growing our income, but also the least prioritized. With so many things to do in a day and such little time, tasks that can be pushed, will. 

According to Michael Kitces, one of the most prominent thought leaders in the wealth management space, client referrals rank as both the top “standout strategy” as well as the most “low-risk strategy” for advisor marketing efforts.

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This comes as no surprise, though, as we all know that the best and most cost-efficient type of marketing is word of mouth – hence the reason why we put so much of a focus on nurturing current client relationships. 

Fostering those strong client-advisor relationships doesn’t happen overnight, and in order to receive a number of client referrals that’ll truly spark an upward trend in growth, it’s important that you’re taking the appropriate measures to:

  1. Bring your value proposition to the table
  2. Delegate adequate time toward furthering your current relationships


So how can you, with already limited time, ensure you’re doing the 2 things listed above? Utilize the capabilities of an AI assistant. Technology is here to help make your life easier, and Benjamin, the financial industry’s first AI assistant is here to do just that.

By automating your more mundane tasks such as scheduling, follow-ups, in addition to acting as a central hub for your current technologies and custodians, Benjamin helps advisors regain control of their time. 

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