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Highlighted Feature: Helpful Integrations for Advisors



What is currently in your technology tool belt? For many advisors, utilizing multiple technologies is as ingrained in their brains and knowing how to walk. However, what many advisors are failing to recognize, is that utilizing multiple technologies without centralizing them into one main hub is inefficient and time-consuming. And if there’s one thing all advisors can agree on, is that there’s not enough time in the day to be utilizing something inefficiently. Fortunately, Benjamin works as a central hub for all of your current technologies, helping to keep everything cohesive and organized through integrations for advisors.

Benjamin integrates with your custodian, CRM, portfolio management software, and e-mail to make you more efficient and grow your book of business.

integrations for advisors

If you’re currently utilizing a CRM such as SalesForce to keep track of where your prospect/clients are in their sales or onboarding princess, as well as Outlook to email them updates, all while juggling Orion to manage portfolios – there’s a high chance that there’s a disconnect between your processes and automations along the way.

By putting Benjamin at the core of these technologies, you’re able to ensure that every step of your clients’ journey is precisely accounted for and completed. From onboarding, to portfolio alert management, to communication, Benjamin can take your unique processes, centralize them, and execute to your standards by utilizing integrations for advisors.

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