How AI Assistants for Advisors are Transforming the Client-Advisor Relationship

Establishing and maintaining a strong client-advisor relationship is vital to the longevity of your business. However, with clients becoming accustomed to highly individualized and tech-oriented experiences across every facet of their lives, the way in which we craft our relationships are evolving. In order to adapt and continuously strengthen our relationships, it’s necessary that we leverage the consumer- and advisor-facing power of AI assistants for advisors. 

“Evolving social behaviors and technology innovations are rewriting the relationship roadmap for financial advisors.” – The Wealth Advisor

Creating a strong client-advisor relationship requires constant nurturing efforts as well as something that, as advisors, we don’t necessarily have an abundance of: time. With Benjamin, the financial industry’s first AI assistant, we can now automate the more menial, yet imperative tasks that play a large part in enhancing those relationships while still keeping the human component of the relationship.

 Current day client-advisor relationships are part technology-based and part human-oriented; not in a human vs. tech way, but rather a marriage of the distinct attributes that the two bring to the table. 

3 Ways Benjamin, Your AI Assistant, helps Enhance Your Relationships:

  • Personalizes their experience: The more you are able to add personal elements to your relationship with a client, the stronger it will become. Benjamin allows you to send personalized alerts and updates to your clients based on multiple characteristics and portfolio factors. Not only does Benjamin have the technical capability, but it also takes care of your more menial tasks so that you can focus on nurturing your current client base and developing deeper relationships.
  • Meets them where they want to be met: Your clients are becoming more accustomed to receiving updates, notifications, and alerts via text message. Benjamin allows you to send automated text messages to your clients to schedule meetings, remind them of upcoming meetings, intelligently answer questions, and more. 
  • Provides them with a newfound level of confidence: Confidence is key in a client-advisor relationship. Benjamin helps you instill a level of confidence in your clients that has never been done before. With higher levels of transparency, enhanced communication, and access to their own portfolios, Benjamin helps clients feel that you truly have their best interest in mind.

Ready to welcome your very own AI assistant into your firm? We’ll get you working toward stronger client-advisor relationships with a free demo of what Benjamin can do for you. 


clients working with AI assistants for advisors