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How benjamin Software Nurtures Relationships Through Tech & Innovation



A healthy relationship is mutually beneficial for clients and advisors. However, these connections don’t develop overnight. It takes time, resources, and frequent interaction for client-advisor relationships to thrive.  Because advisors typically already have a very demanding schedule, putting in the work to nurture these relationships can easily fall to the wayside. The best thing you can do to help balance these relationships with your full stack of work, is to leverage technology and innovation such as benjamin software.

3 ways benjamin software helps nurture relationships through tech and innovation:

1. Frees up teams from the countless hours they spend on routine and repetitive tasks.

benjamin is a powerful AI tool that works as an extension of yourself. Think of it as an AI assistant. While you’re busy handling tasks that need the human component (such as prospecting and nurturing those relationships), benjamin can handle your more mundane tasks through its powerful automation capabilities. 

2. Supports relationships by improving the client experience.

Clients are demanding customization and convenience across all facets of their lives. benjamin allows advisors to provide them with both, as it leverages multiple communication methods and touchpoints (texts, emails etc.) as well as actively sending reminders so clients are never left in the dark. 

3. Makes their experience more holistic.

Clients come to advisors not just because they need help handling their finances, but because they want a holistic experience with another human. With the implementation of technology, many advisors take the stance of “technology detracts from the relationship”. However, with benjamin, this statement is overwhelmingly false. benjamin marries the power of innovative, AI technology with the human component to create a holistic approach to financial planning.

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