Is Automation the Future of Wealth Management?



From the way we shop for groceries to how we get from point A to point B, almost everything we do is connected to some form of digital technology. While many advisors are hesitant to grab the technology bull by the horns, the future of wealth management is storming full speed ahead with one revolutionary technology making its mark in the landscape: automation.

What is automation?

At its simplest form, automation is the ability to make a process or system operate automatically. Its main purpose is to help save time and energy, two things that advisors need to do their job, but always seem to have a shortage of. 

Why do advisors need it?

Implementing new technology into your business can be scary, especially since so many are quick to assume that technology will replace the need for human advisors. This myth is far from the truth, and consumers are actually demanding a marriage between technology and human interaction, not choosing one over the other. Digital outreach is often what persuades clients to take action, but human interaction is what gets them to stay.

It’s clear that advisors need to be leveraging some sort of technology, but why automation? Automation… 

Which automation technology should advisors use?

Introducing Benjamin, the world’s first digital assistant created for advisors by advisors. Benjamin works alongside advisors to automatically take care of their administrative duties.

Some of the tasks Benjamin will be able to automate for you include….

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