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Leaping into the Future of Finance with Automation



When we talk about the future of finance, the advisory sphere, and everything wealth management, one word, in particular, has taken the limelight over the last ~5 years: technology. 

Technology is a big word with broad meaning. Too often, we see advisors leaning away from technology because of its breadth instead of leaning into it to find which component(s) are right for them and their businesses. By doing so, many are losing out on key distinctive advantages and letting their competitors take over perspective client networks with technologies that drive home a greater value prop and hold true to where the future of finance is headed.

One type of technology that’s changing the pace of the industry, are those with automation capabilities. Automation is the technique of making an apparatus, process, or system operate automatically. Thus allows advisors to move menial tasks such as scheduling, follow-ups, and organizing paperwork from the front of their “to-do” lists to the back of their minds. 

Through these powerful automation capabilities, advisors are able to allocate less time and energy toward their more mundane tasks, and more towards revenue-generating tasks such as prospecting and portfolio management. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why automation is rapidly becoming the future of the financial industry.

This isn’t to say, though, that automation will replace advisors. Instead, it’ll help enhance the value proposition that the human touch of an advisor brings to the table. 

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