One Simple Tip for Building Client Relationships During Uncertainty

During times of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to put an emphasis on building client relationships. However, with a hefty influx of emails, phone calls, and texts from worried clients, on top of your running list of daily to-dos, it can feel almost impossible to be able to delegate proper time towards enhancing those relationships.

The good news is that all it only takes one simple thing to focus on building client relationships: communication.

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that market volatility isn’t only scary for our clients, but for us as advisors as well. Portfolio management becomes trickier, communication becomes harder, and keeping a clear head with so much dynamicity happening around you is easier said than done. Before we dive into how to better communicate in these crazy times, know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed.

Simple Tips For Better Communication

  • Give timely responses: The last thing you want to do is make your clients feel like they’re being left in the dark. Ensure you’re responding to inquiries in a timely manner.
  • Know your stuff: Ensure you have the right data at the tip of your fingers so you can quickly answer and reassure clients with facts.
  • Be human: Clients come to us because of the human-to-human interaction. Yes, this time is stressful. Yes, you have lots to do. But make sure you’re treating each interaction as the most important, and most of all make sure you’re providing them with the utmost value.
  • Leverage technology: As to our last point, you’re only human. But your clients expect a lot more out of you in hectic times. To proactively communicate with your clients while also managing the inflow of emails and phone calls, you’ll need integrated technologies and effective, efficient processes so you can act quickly.

We know right now can feel crazy, but as we all know, we will get through it. If you have any questions around communication, technology that can help enhance this, or need someone to be a sounding board, we’re here to help.

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