What is benjamin

A workflow automation engine that can streamline over 100 tasks common to every advisor’s office. Let benjamin handle the busy work so you can focus on the human work.

AI driven, Business Support System (BuSS) workflow automation platform

benjamin is able to automate and complete over 100 different tasks that fall within 5 main areas of the client journey: prospecting, meetings, onboarding, proactive maintenance and know your client.

Integrated to your current technology

From CRM to portfolio management systems to calendars and custodians…benjamin synchronizes all of them together to bring in the data to execute on tasks that you need him to.

Integrated to your current technology

Custom Alerts

benjamin's brand new custom alerts function allows you to be notified when a client's portfolio goes above or below your preset allocation.

Technology Consultation

Not sure what technology you need at your firm? Ask us, we're here to provide consultation on all things technology and finance.


benjamin integrates with your custodian, CRM, portfolio management software, and e-mail to make you more efficient and grow your book of business.

Intelligent communications

By bringing together data from all of your core systems and combining it with AI-drive workflow automation tools, benjamin communicates across mediums from texts to emails and more, to the appropriate person, at the appropriate time with the specific information to make the communications timely, personable and actionable.

Easy to deploy and adopt firm wide

benjamin is ready to go right out of the box, pre-configured with RIA-specific business rules so that you don’t need to replace any of your core systems and can launch benjamin with one single click.

Hear More About Why benjamin Was Created

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