Smart Sets

Create dynamic lists that automatically add, remove, and send conversations to clients based on AUM, age, allocation and more.



By integrating with your Outlook or Gmail calendar, Benjamin schedules your meetings and sends reminder texts to keep you up to date.

Benjamin Chat

Install the Benjamin™ chat widget on your website today to greet current clients and prospect potential clients with an automated custom message.

Intelligent Communication

From requesting paperwork to following up on introductory meetings, Benjamin takes the pain out of the onboarding process and saves you time along the way.

Our Other Features

Custom Alerts

Benjamin's brand new custom alerts function allows you to be notified when a client's portfolio goes above or below your preset allocation.

Technology Consultation

Not sure what technology you need at your firm? Ask us, we're here to provide consultation on all things technology and finance.


Benjamin integrates with your custodian, CRM, portfolio management software, and e-mail to make you more efficient and grow your book of business.

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Looking to join a small dedicated team of technology enthusiast who want to find creative ways to automate the imperative tasks that financial advisors are faced with every day?



We are a rapidly growing company with 50 customers in search of a dynamic and energetic candidate to lead our marketing efforts and foster partner company relationships!



We are a rapidly growing company with 50 customers in search of a dynamic “rising star” sales leader to spearhead new business development!



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