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We built benjamin from the financial advisor’s perspective to create efficiencies and deepen relationships without losing that personal touch that makes a financial advisor so valuable.

Technology is changing the way we serve and provide value to our clients. But despite the technological revolution occurring within the financial advisory space, relationships and communication will always be paramount. With all of this in mind, we built benjamin from the financial advisors perspective to augment the financial advisor, creating efficiencies and deepening relationships, without losing that personal touch that makes a financial advisor so valuable.



Grow Your Firm

benjamin’s powerful workflow automation and client service abilities creates more productive time which equates to more opportunity for growth oriented activities.

Retain Top Talent

Let benjamin take care of most of the repetitive, manual and time consuming activities, freeing up staff to take on higher-level activities, enriching their job experience, increasing their firm loyalty and lowering attrition – one of the most expensive costs in small advisory firms.

Enhance Client Relationships

benjamin’s intelligent communications and workflow automation tools provide timely and personable communications, client touch points and timely completion of service requests by pro-actively delivering the right information and insight – all key drivers of client satisfaction.

Scale Your Team

benjamin can help you do more with less, so that your team can focus on what truly differentiates your business – better client relationships.

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