Building a competitive advantage with technology

man playing chess thinking of bot technology

This post originally appears at One of the most valuable practices that you can undertake within any aspect of life is to look both backward at history and across at adjacent events to recognize patterns at play. With that in mind as I was reading an article the other day about some of the […]

Understanding Augmented Intelligence vs. Artificial Intelligence

people talking on a couch about augmented intelligence vs artificial intelligence

Since its initial introduction into the financial sphere, the term “AI” has gained both a positive and negative rep from both financial advisors and RIAs. For the negative, those two scary letters have prevented hundreds of advisory businesses from making the technological leap to remain competitive. What many advisors in the financial space don’t understand […]

5 Steps to nurture your current client base

persona clicking happy face that nurture clients

Understanding how to cultivate strong client-advisor relationships is the key to success in the world of financial advising. Having happy clients means well-established, long-term revenue, and word-of-mouth referrals. In order to enable business growth through word-of-mouth, though, you first need to focus on how to nurture your clients in your current client base. 5 Steps […]