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The True ROI of Using a Financial Advisor AI assistant



When we talk about return on investment (ROI), we think about dollar signs. But as advisors, we need to keep in mind that our dollar signs come from one particular driving factor: time. In the financial planning industry, time is money. And an increase in money almost always stems from time, which also happens to be something that we just don’t have enough of. That’s where utilizing an AI assistant comes into play.

What is an AI Assistant?

You’ve likely heard of virtual or digital assistants, but contrary to those types of assistants, an AI assistant intelligently automates your more mundane tasks, helping you regain control over your time.  

Benjamin, in particular, acts as a central hub for all of an advisor’s existing technologies/custodians, automating your more menial day-to-day tasks so that you can spend more time nurturing current client relationships, enhancing your value proposition, and prospecting. 

Time is your biggest asset.

The ROI of Using Benjamin 

Increased Bandwidth: Benjamin works 24/7 to handle your administrative tasks, increasing bandwidth without adding headcount.

Greater Scalability: More time to allocate your efforts toward revenue-generating tasks like prospecting and nurturing relationships.

Healthy Margins: Discover the ROI gains you can expect using Benjamin as your AI assistant with our ROI calculator! Just email for more information.




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