Using Fintech Solutions to Better Serve Clients Holistically

Over the last few years, we’ve seen new technologies emerge in the wealth management industry that have begun altering the way we operate for the better. Fintech solutions such as Benjamin, Redtail, and Salesforce are just a few that have helped to alleviate what we deem as the more menial and mundane aspects of our jobs. 

But what does implementing fintech to alleviate some administrative pressures mean for our clients? 

Putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients, when they see automations beginning to take the place of the human touch they’re paying for, they may be a little intimidated or standoffish. That’s why it’s important for advisors to show that just because you’re no longer performing the cumbersome parts of the job, doesn’t mean you’re losing any of the value you bring to the table. In fact, you’re actually adding to the value by freeing up your time to serve them holistically.

3 ways fintech allows advisor to adopt a holistic approach:

Deeper Communication: Utilizing new technologies allows advisors to diversify their communication methods. Every client is different, and the way in which they prefer to be communicated to varies. Whether it’s email, phone calls, texts, or video messaging, fintech tools allow for advisors to meet their clients where they want to be met – forming a deeper bond and level of trust.

Better Coaching: With fintech allowing advisors to focus their efforts on getting to better nuture and understand their clients, they’ll be able to give a higher level of coaching, too. So while many advisors already offer comprehensive planning, they’ll be able to go even deeper into those topics with their thorough understanding of client goals.

Give more emotional support: As an advisor, it’s just as much a part of the job to help manage emotions as it is to manage money. That human touch is something that technology can’t offer alone, but when coupled with the knowledge, experience, and comfort of the advisor themselves, can be brought to new heights. 

woman using fintech solutions