What Atlanta Advisors Predict for the Future of the Financial Industry

What does the future of the financial industry look like? Some Atlanta advisors join together to give their thoughts in Matt Reiner’s latest Roundtables video:

“The way we talk about it now is going to be laughable in five years.”

Some argue that the focus on robo-advisors came at the wrong time. Because of this, we can expect that people will seek humans for advice more often. Here are some other key things Atlanta advisors say we should expect in the next few years:

  • Fees will be lowered
  • More alternative strategies will launch
  • There will be more consolidation with asset management firms
  • There will be an even bigger need to get to know clients better and make things personal
  • There will be more demand for our services
  • We’ll see fewer advisors, but more productive advisors
  • Bigger firms will thrive

“We’re going to have to deliver more service to more individuals more efficiently and do it in a profitable manner.”

Ultimately, the challenges we’re facing today are things that both technology and humans can solve, but only if we work together. The future of the financial industry relies on this relationship.

Atlanta advisors roundtables graphic