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What Does the Future Advisor Look Like?



Advisors, just like anything else in life, go through evolutions to meet the ever-changing demand of consumers. Just ten years ago, the industry looked a lot different than what it does today. But what about ten years from now? We know that the future advisor will be some adaptation of tech, emotion, and knowledge – but what exactly can we expect?

1. Technology will play a more integral role.

Information is prevalent within the financial planning industry. And the best way to get information, quickly, is through technology. With this in mind, it’s likely that advisors will become a sort of technologist. This means that they will become more technology thinking, constantly adapting how they are using the technology to bring information that clients need to the table. 

2. Advisors who adapt the use of technology and tools will excel.

Those who adapt and use technology to their advantage, aren’t scared of compliance or paralysis by analysis, and see technology and the tools for what they are (a tool that allows you to create a better experience for your clients) will succeed. 

3. Client experiences will continue to evolve.

“What do my current and prospective clients need and want out of me as their advisor?” is a question that will play a vital role in the progression of the future advisor. With the speed at which consumer pain points and expectations evolve, it’s only logical for an advisor’s offerings, processes, and operations to follow suit. 

4. Emotional intelligence will play a critical role in client interactions.

Fast forward ten years from now, advisors will likely play more of a psychologist role with their clients. Financial coaching, diving into emotional worries, and driving home value proposition is where advisors will spend most of their time. Realistically, anyone can use a calculator or tell you how to do a roth conversion. What anyone can’t do, though, is coach clients into not having $20,000 in debt, or relieving panic because the market drastically changed. 

For more information on what’s in store for the future advisor, check out our other blog posts here, or watch this video from our CEO, Matt Reiner. 


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