Why Innovation is Important for Financial Advisors

It’s no secret that the world of financial planning is changing. With the rise of AI and new technologies, almost every industry you can think of is going through some sort of digital change. For those of us in the financial planning space, there’s a divide between those who are adopting new technologies and processes with open arms, and those who are saying that the way we’ve always done things is working so why change it? Here’s why innovation is important for financial advisors looking toward the future, as told by advisors themselves.

“Innovation is exponential – each advancement will make the next one come even faster.” – Matt Reiner

As an advisor, it’s great to have a vision of where you want to take your business. While you should always hold true to your vision, it’s important to couple it with innovation. The core, unwavering principle of the service industry is to help people. But how we deliver the value and the uniqueness of that value is what’s evolving.


The way we look to give value changes as consumers change. As advisors, we need to continue to innovate to meet them where they want to be met, or else they’ll look toward different avenues to find the end product they want. The reality is that clients expect innovation. It’s no longer just something they applaud from the sideline, it’s ingrained in every aspect of their life. Whether it be Uber, Netflix, or FaceTiming with their grandkids, innovation has allowed for enhanced relationships, seamless communication, and transparent interactions –  and it’s time advisors follow suit. 

Innovation comes in different shapes and sizes, but there’s one new piece of fintech that’s changing the game for advisors across the U.S., and that’s Benjamin, your digital assistant. With powerful automated communication capabilities, customizable dashboards, seamless client onboarding methods, and more, Benjamin works alongside advisors to free up their time while enhancing their client relationships.

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